Straight Knee Calf Stretch


– Stand 3-4 feet away from the wall. Step forward with the foot you are not stretching (the calf you are stretching will be the one behind you).  Place your hands on the wall in the push-up position.

– Keeping your toes pointed forward and your back heel on the ground, lean into the wall without bending your back or your back knee.

– Alternate right and left and hold each stretch for 30 seconds (X 3 on each side).  Total of 1.5 minutes to each side three times/day.

-RIGHT:  30, 30, 30 (seconds)

-LEFT:  30, 30, 30 (seconds)

Bent Knee Calf stretch


– Perform 3 sets per day (morning, noon, and night) and incorporate it into your daily routine!

*** It should feel as if you are simply doing a pushup while standing.

*** If you are not feeling the stretch in the calf, then you either have to move further from the wall or you may be bending your back.

*** The only difference between the two stretches is the bending of the back knee, which allows you to isolate and stretch the soleus muscle independently of the gastrocnemius muscle (you will feel the stretch closer to the heel as opposed to the entire length of the calf).